Northeast Arkansas Regional Science Fair Winners


Northeast Arkansas Regional Science Fair Winners



JONESBORO – Winners in the senior and junior divisions of the Northeast Arkansas Regional Science Fair were announced during an awards ceremony at Arkansas State University.


Senior high and junior high students from schools in 19 participating counties competed in the 62nd annual fair, displaying their projects in Centennial Hall of the Reng Student Union.

The top four winners in each senior high (9-12) category automatically qualify to enter the State Science Fair in Conway, April 3-4.  The top three overall senior high division winners at the state level and their teachers will receive an expense-paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, according to Dr. Tillman Kennon, professor of science education at A-State and director of the fair.

The NEARSF is sponsored by Arkansas State University and private donations from businesses and individuals in the Northeast Arkansas region.

A list of winners is attached.


March 1, 2018
       Student Name School            Grade          Project name             Junior Academy Certificates (Grades 9-12)    Name         School 
 1st Cooper Bassham                                                   Salem HS        
******************************************************************************* ******************************************************************************** Junior Division Certificates
Junior Animal Sciences   Name  School 1st  Hayden Smith  Rural Special HS 2nd   Kylan Stevens  Rural Special HS 3rd    Gage Mitchell  Salem HS HM  Kirsten Mabes  Salem HS
Junior Behavioral and Social Sciences   Name         School  1st  Harli Goodnight  Rural Special 2nd   Greenly Hall  Salem HS
Junior Chemistry   Name  School 1st  Dakota Stewart  Rural Special 2nd   Logan Callahan  Rural Special 3rd   Sean Mason  Rural Special HM  Alex Linville  Rural Special 
Junior Earth & Planetary Sciences
  Name         School  1st  Keaton Bassham  Salem HS 2nd   Dryver Springstan  Salem HS
Junior Engineering – Electrical & Mechanical
   Name         School  1st   Desiree Armstrong  Cross County HS  2nd   Braden Himschoot  Salem HS  
        WINNERS, NEARSF                  March 1, 2018              Page 2
 Junior Engineering – Materials & Bioengineering    Name         School  1st         Tryce Goins  Rural Special HS 2nd    Adrianna Bagwell  Salem HS
Junior Environmental Sciences    Name         School  1st  Dalton Steward  Salem HS 2nd   Gage Mitchell  Salem HS
Junior Environmental Management    Name         School  1st  Echo Mitchell  Rural Special 2nd  Lexie Tuttle  Salem HS 3rd  Destiny Sanders   Salem HS    Junior Medicine & Health     Name         School  1st   Prachi Patel                                      Osceola STEM Academy 2nd  Madison Jasper  Salem High School 3rd   Alyssa Yates  Salem High School HM  Carter Stewart  Salem High School
Junior Microbiology    Name         School  HM  Kaitlyn Cantrell  Cross County HS
Junior Physics & Astronomy    Name         School 
1st    2nd  Chelsea  Hamilton  Salem HS 3rd   Parker Carroll  Tyronza Elementary HM  Hunter Homod  Salem HS
Junior Plant Science    Name         School  1st    2nd   Emily Morris  Rural Special 3rd   Caleb Pollard  Salem HS
Junior Team Projects   Name           School  1st   Jo Beth Mitchell, Shaley Jordan                                Oak Grove Middle School     2nd  Jenna Cook, Molly Beasley                              Oak Grove Middle School 3rd  Jayla Smith, Mecuria Vance                              Oak Grove Middle School HM Gracen Cooper, Aubree Baker                              Oak Grove Middle School
        WINNERS, NEARSF                  March 1, 2018              Page 3
Senior Division Certificates           Student Name  School               
Senior Animal Sciences    Name                            School  1st Anna Whitfield  Osceola HS 2nd   Hayden Curtis  Cross County HS 3rd  Savannah Youngblood  Cross Country HS HM Erica Owens  Salem HS
Senior Behavioral and Social Sciences   Name         School  1st                Eli Callicott  Cross County HS 2nd    Bailey Ginn  Rural Special HS 3rd    Valyncia Mitchell  Osceola HS HM    Celia Robertson  Cross County HS
Senior Chemistry    Name         School  1st  Mykia DePriest  Osceola HS 2nd   Cara Williams  Riverside HS 3rd   Ashanti Houston  Osceola HS HM  Jessica Wells  Riverside HS
Senior Computer Science   Name         School  1st     2nd  Ryan Callicott                                        Cross County HS 3rd   Sarah Futrell                                        Cross County HS
Senior Engineering – Electrical & Mechanical    Name         School 
1st                     Alex Scharein  Rural Special HS 2nd   Grant Smith  Riverside HS
Senior Engineering – Materials & Bioengineering   Name                       School  1st    Robert Long  Riverside HS
Senior Energy & Transportation    Name         School  1st       Sean Roades  Valley View 2nd      Gabrielle Hively  Cross County HS  
        WINNERS, NEARSF                  March 1, 2018              Page 4
 Senior Environmental Sciences       Name         School  1st Kendall Wilson  Cross County HS 2nd  Ava Hayes  Riverside HS 3rd Whitney Turner  Riverside HS
Senior Mathematics
    Name         School  1st  Barrett Daves                            Cross County High School   Senior Medicine & Health     Name         School  1st   Corbin Osburn                                Rural Special High School 2nd  Amber Richardson                                Rural Special High School 3rd   Bailey Perry                                Rural Special High School HM  Ashton Guiltner                                         Salem High School
Senior Microbiology   Name         School  1st   Bethany Tucker  Riverside HS 
Senior Physics & Astronomy    Name         School  1st                Camyrn Scott  Cross County HS    2nd  Klorissa Hamilton  Riverside HS 3rd   Christopher Helms  Riverside HS     HM  Hannah Shinall  Riverside HS
Senior Plant Science    Name         School 
 1st   Melissa White                                              Rural Special HS  2nd   Sarah Mitchell                                                Osceola HS 3rd   Sarah Kirby               Rural Special HS HM  Courtney Pannell                                                 Osceola HS
Senior Team Projects    Names         School 1st    Betsy Roemer, Nikkolette Perkins                                         Brookland High School 2nd   Alexandria Noe, Sharia Hendrix                                    Marked Tree High School 3rd   Isabella Guerrero, Anastacia Guerrero                                   Cross County High School **
        WINNERS, NEARSF                  March 1, 2018              Page 5
American Psychological Association (certificate)  Name           School 
 1. Eli Callicott                                                   Cross County HS
Arkansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Award (Plaque & Certificate)      Name          School    Jr.  Echo Mitchell                                                   Rural Special  Sr. Kendall Wilson                                                   Cross County HS
ASM Materials Education Foundation Award (Certificate)    Name         School  1. Ava Hayes                                                   Riverside HS   Association for Women Geoscientists Award (Certificate)    Name         School 
 1. Echo Mitchell                                                    Rural Special HS
ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives Award (Two awards—certificates)    Name         School 
 1. Sean Roades                                                    Valley View HS 2. Kamryn Stutterfield                                                  Rural Special HS
NASA Earth System Science Award (Certificate)     Name         School  1.  Echo Mitchell                                                  Rural Special HS
NOAA Award (Certificate & Medallion)     Name         School  1.  Echo Mitchell                                                 Rural Special HS
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award (Certificate)    Name         School 
 1. Kendall Wilson                                                Cross County HS
 Stockholm Junior Water Award 2018 (Certificate)     Name         School 
 1.  Kendall Wilson                                                   Cross County HS 2.  Ava Hayes  Riverside HS 3. Whitney Turner  Riverside HS
        WINNERS, NEARSF                  March 1, 2018              Page 6
Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry Award (Certificate)     Name         School  Jr.  Echo Mitchell  Rural Special Sr.    Kendall Wilson                                                     Cross County HS
U.S. Air Force (Certificate & Package)    Name         School 
 1. Celia Robertson                                                Cross County HS 2.  Barrett Daves                                                Cross County HS 3. Corbin Osburn                                                    Rural Special 4. Sean Roades                                                         Valley View
U.S. Metric Association (Certificate)    Name         School  1. Echo Mitchell                                               Rural Special HS
U.S. Navy & Marine Corps: Three Junior & Senior Division Winners.  The SR Winners receive $50 Gift Certificates    Name         School  Junior: 
1 Harli Goodnight  Rural Special  2 Prachi Patel                                         Osceola STEM Academy 3 Echo Mitchell  Rural Special
1 Sarah Futrell                                      Cross County High School 2  Eli Callicott                                      Cross County High School 3 Sean Roades                                                        Valley View HS 
Broadcom Masters: (Junior Division-10 awards, Qualifies the recipients to enter the Broadcom Masters National competition.  The winners in the National competition compete for prizes including a $25,000 scholarship.)     Name         School 
 1.  Hayden Smith  Rural Special 2.  Harli Goodnight  Rural Special 3.  Dakota Stewart  Rural Special 4.  Keaton Bassham  Salem HS 5.  Prachi Patel                                          Osceola STEM Academy 6.  Desiree Armstrong                                                    Cross County HS 7.  Treyce Goin                                                    Rural Special HS 8.   Echo Mitchell                                                    Rural Special HS 9.   Dalton Steward                                                                Salem HS
        WINNERS, NEARSF                  March 1, 2018              Page 7
Overall Junior Division Winners    Name         School 
 1st   Jo Beth Mitchell, Shaley Jordan                                                       Oak Grove MS 2nd   Dakota Stewart                                                   Rural Special HS  
Overall - Senior Division:  The Three Overall Winners ISEF Finalists and will represent the NEA Regional Science Fair at the International Science & Engineering Fair to be held May 14-19, in Los Angeles, CA.  Travel expenses of the three overall senior division winners will be covered by the NEARSF. Arkansas Environmental Association provides: Cash awards to offset some expenses associated with attending the Intel ISEF in May 2017:  $100 to 1st Place Overall Winner; $50 to 2nd place overall winner; $175 to each of the teacher sponsors for 1st and 2nd place overall winners; and $100 to Regional Science Fair Director. 
     Name         School  1st Overall Sean Roades                                                   Valley View HS 2nd Overall Corbin Osburn                                                Rural Special HS 3rd Overall Barrett Daves                                                Cross County HS First Alternate:  Betsy Roemer, Nikkolette Perkins                                                     Brookland HS Second Alternate: Eli Callicott                                Cross County High School

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