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Hundreds Volunteer for Feed My Starving Children Event

Franklin Privett cut his weekend fun short, to help give the hungry an upper hand. He was one of two hundred volunteers that dedicated his Friday afternoon to the Mobile Pack event in Jonesboro. It was part of a two-day event to help drive out the hunger crisis globally.

"It's pretty hard to know that they have to work hard and try to survive. And I want to help them," says Privett.

The Mobile Pack event is a first for Jonesboro. Organizers set a goal of using 1,200 volunteers to help pack 220,000 meals over the weekend.

Volunteers worked two-hour shifts, packing, sorting and labeling more than twenty tons of nutrients. Tara Bugg of Feed My Starving Children Foundation says the items will go to Haiti, Nicaragua, and sixty-eight other countries before summertime. All the prepared food is vegan, and allergen-free.

"What they're packing is a fortified meal that combats malnutrition," states Bugg. "It starts with our four main ingredients - rice, soy, vitamins and veggies. An estimated 6,200 kids die, can be fought."

For Amber Davis, the mobile pack event isn't just community service, but also a learning experience. Davis served with thirty of her family and consumer science students.

Davis affirms, "We learned about the six basic nutrients, and they're applying exactly what we learned in class into packing this food, and what nutrients kids need from around the world."

Tacos 4 Life franchise owner Robin Nix launched the Meal 4 Meal Deal, to support the mission.

""Every taco provides a meal for a child somewhere," Nix stated. "The money that we contribute to Feed My Starving Children pays for all [Mobile Pack] supplies. Tacos is doing it really above and beyond."

Bugg and Nix seek more volunteers to help drive 6,200 starvation deaths a year to zero.


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