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Ag for Autism Annual Fundraiser

Alexis Rudi is a 16-year-old girl and she likes to go by Lexi.

She was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ -years-old.

Her mother, Ginnie Rudi says, “It’s been quite a ride. She’s come quite a way since she was littler. She’s learned quite a bit”.

The Ag for Autism Association sets out to help local kids just like Lexi by giving away grants.

“It’s a great group! I mean it’s a good that you have that opportunity to apply for something like that a lot of families can’t afford”, said Rudi.

Thanks to a grant Lexi was able to get an iPad.

Which she can use for learning apps that help her grow.

Over the last 7 years, Ag for Autism has given grants to many families, schools, and organizations that help with autism.

“Let them put the money where they think they get the most bang for their buck, honestly. If a child needs an iPad or if they need anything like that let an individual apply for a grant or a school district put the money in the hands of the teachers or the therapists and let them buy the tools that they need” said Danny Graham, President of Ag for Autism.

Roughly, 1 in 68 kids are diagnosed with Autism.

Each diagnosis is different though, “Some are more classically autistic, but then there are some that are very high functioning who can take part in a general ed classroom who just need a couple of aids brought in to them, a couple of things for them to stay on task in that room”, said Shelby Knight, Executive Director of the Center for Exceptional Families.

Now Ag for Autism is asking for the community’s help.

Their Ag Bash fundraiser is just days away, on Monday, March 12th at 6 PM at ASU Centennial Hall

It will be a night a filled with dinner, a silent auction, and even a live concert from Barrett Baber.

All money raised will stay here in Northeast Arkansas.

“We’ll let the scientists find a cure. Let’s raise some money and make a difference where we can. Because early intervention, early diagnosis, and the therapies they receive can turn them into functioning adults”, said Graham.

If you want to help, you can buy tickets for the Ag Bash at


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