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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Lawrence County Detention Center Ribbon Cutting

“If you have to transport the prisoners to another county, then the temptation is well lets just release them because of the cost involved”, said Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

That is no longer a problem for Lawrence County.

With the cut of a ribbon on Tuesday March 6th, Lawrence County is debuting their new Detention Center and Sheriff’s Office.

The new jail has enough space to house 100 inmates, 24 women and 76 men.

“I’m just excited because I won’t be able to have to say i can’t take them today. I’ll be able to take them”, said Debbie Burleson, Lawrence County Jail Administrator.

Even state prisoners will be able to stay in the facility.

This would help the state in managing their prisoners.

Governor Hutchinson is proud to see Lawrence county take initiative to get this facility built, “This is not something that's been mandated from little rock. This is something that you did voluntary here in Lawrence county. They said we are willing to pay for a new detention center so we can improve public safety. This is fantastic”.

The jail is filled with plenty of security cameras, advanced locked doors, a video courtroom, cameras for video visitation, and new safe mail technology.

“This new facility is state of the art. It’s very very safe, it’s secure. The people will not have to worry about this facility. This one is fantastic. I’m excited for the county it’s been a long time coming”, said Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Yates.

On top of the new technology and safety features, there is also more activities for the inmates, “Like programs, G.E.D programs, stuff like that. Something to help alleviate them coming back. We needed it really really bad”, said Burleson.

Inmates and officials should be moving into the detention center and sheriffs office by the week of March 19th.


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