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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Student Safety: An S.R.O's Goal

Officer Sheridan Watts roams the halls of Nettleton High School with one goal, protecting these students.

“Safety of our children is the most paramount thing we have. Any incident that happens like we’ve seen all over the country, these last few years are things that keep us SROs up at night”, said Watts.

Watts is the school resource officer at Nettleton High School.

He works with the director of campus security, Jack Sample to make sure the school has the best safety plan possible.

As a district they know active shooters are a reality that they must prepare for.

“We know that it can happen here in our community because unfortunately back in ‘98 we did have a school shooting here in Jonesboro. So us as administrators and security personnel we take extremely seriously”, said Sample.

Watts says having a safety plan in place can help save lives, “Seventeen is seventeen too many I completely understand that but if they didn’t have their protocols in place that number could have been much higher you can look for articles and interviews with students down there who say things like locked doors saved lives; that’s the safety plan put in place. We have one here in Nettleton. We have one at every school within the city limits”.

Nettleton does annual threat assessments to improve their safety plan.

As well as holding bi-annual shooter drills to prepare the students.

Sample says parents should not be worried to send their kids off in the morning, “Schools are still one of the safest places for your children to be. Everyday you know we are being vigilant about extenuating circumstances”.


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