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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Enhanced Concealed Carry Licenses: What this means

Any one of these students could be carrying a handgun.

Thanks to a new law that allows Arkansans to get an enhanced concealed carry license.

People can get certified for this by completing an 8-hour course on top of their regular concealed carry license.

With school shootings becoming frequent in headlines it is bringing some uneasiness to one Arkansas State University student.

ASU freshman, Brad Brewer said, “Initially I wasn’t too against the idea of it but recently I mean with the shooting that happened yesterday. I’ve become I guess more liberal with my thoughts of gun control and so it is kind of worrisome to me. I hope nothing that drastic will happen here”.

By getting an enhanced carry license it will allow people to carry handguns in more places like a college campus and public buildings. With shootings happening at a more frequent rate, 141 Shooting Range instructor Logan lee says this enhanced carry license can provide an added line of defense.

“There’s still a lot of other things that need to be done but number one being prepared with your firearm does help equalize the situation”, said Lee.

By someone having a handgun on them during a shooting situation it can give them a chance to respond immediately instead of waiting for police.

Lee is opening his enhanced concealed carry license course in just a couple weeks.

He says the people signing up for the class are using this course to increase their safety.

“The people coming through here are the people that are legally wanting a way to carry their gun and I think that the criminals and the people with mental illness and stuff they just want to have a bunch of victims they don’t care about doing it legally”, said Lee.

Lee's 141 Shooting Range offers classes for enhanced concealed carry, concealed carry, and self-defense courses.


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