• Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jonesboro Unlimited's 2017 Success

Jonesboro Unlimited has found their mojo.

The group is looking back at 2017 and the first year of the Momentum Jonesboro initiative as a success.

They were able to create 1,268 full-time jobs.

That is almost half of their original goal of making 25-hundred direct new jobs by 2021.

Chairman, Chris Barber is crediting this success to, “A lot of hard work, and folks seeing the vision, and really putting their time, and energy, but more importantly the resources to make that happen. So, we are so thrilled with the progress today and looking forward to bigger better things in 2018”.

This year they are planning to take a trip to Greenville, South Carolina to inspire more work and jobs they can bring to Jonesboro.

“Most folks will put them up as a community that’s really progressive, doing some innovative things. I think for us we’ve got a tremendous potential here, lot of things to build upon we just wanna take it to the next level,” says Barber.

The group plans to be more active in networking with site consultants this year.

Director of Communications, Craig Rickert says, “70 percent of the projects we work on have a site consultant attached to them. They’re the ones who represent these companies that decide to put their millions of dollars into our community. So, we are going to double our efforts to make sure we are known by consultants through our email campaigns, getting face to face with people and just knocking on doors letting them know Jonesboro means business.”

Rickert believes sharing the story of Jonesboro is key in changing the face of Jonesboro as the city continue to grow.

“A lot of people have said before it’s kind of an oasis in the desert or a hidden gem. But, we just want to get rid of that moniker and we just wanna be well known as a fertile and prosperous place to do business because Jonesboro has so many incredible things going for economically, with it’s people, with its city,” says Rickert.


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