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Safer Internet: How JPD's High Tech Crimes Unit is helping

Behind a computer screen, people can be anyone they want.

Online Brandon King is someone that is protecting children.

“They don’t understand the reality of the internet, predators and that sort of thing”, said King.

King works for the Jonesboro Police Department’s high tech crimes unit.

The unit is also known as the internet crimes against children task force, ICAC for short.

They have 3 full-time employees working on tracking down child pornography and finding internet predators. Their main goal is to be proactive and stop these crimes before they happen.

“We’ve seen that most of the abductions and missing children that we see in these days it all stems from internet activity. We very rarely just see a random stranger just grabbing a kid anymore; it’s too easy to find them online”, said King.

King says it is best for parents to monitor their children’s internet use on their laptops, phones, and social media.

If you see any type of child pornography even on accident.

JPD says to not open it or even send it to them.

Forwarding the content even with good intentions is a felony.

“We cannot be entertaining this kind of media. If you receive something like that call us, call your local police department. There’s steps that we can take to follow through on those investigations but once you send it off it makes our job even harder” said King.

Jonesboro has the only ICAC in Northeast Arkansas.

They help other departments when needed.

The Trumann Police Department had some of their officials with them last week as they tracked down a missing girl, Arissa Farmer.

The Trumann Assistant Chief of Police, Jonathan Redman, says they owe them big time, “We them steak dinners for all the work that they’ve done for us and not just us but the entire community. They’re the tip of the spear when it comes to internet crimes”.


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