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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Craighead Electric Gives Back

Terry Harkey helps bring electricity to 30,000 homes in Northeast Arkansas.

Now he is taking his skills to Guatemala to help bring power to rural areas like Las Tortugas and San Jorge that are near the Mexico border.

“I’m a little nervous but, I think everything is gonna be okay. We’re gonna change lives and I think they are gonna touch us as well”, says Harkey.

Harkey is one of 15 linemen in Arkansas that were chosen for this trip.

Harkey will be representing Craighead Electric Cooperative.

The group of 15 linemen will be leaving for Guatemala on Sunday, February 4th. Over there three week trip they are hoping to build 7 ½ miles of power lines for villagers who have never had electrical service before.

Vice President of Communications for Craighead Electric, Monty Williams, say this trip is important to the company because it is giving back.

“They’re like us 80 years ago. You wouldn’t have power or electricity in rural areas. Now we are going to down here to these folks, these communities and putting power for them the first time. You know it’s been 80 years since we did that. So we’re giving this and giving it forward”, says Williams.

The line men will be working 12 hour days doing all of their work by hand with the help of climbing gear.

Once they are done they would have helped more than 100 villagers.

Harkey says he is looking forward to the trip for one reason, “just to give back. I think as far as being over here we take it for granted when you go home you can flick your lights on. But now going over there and give back to them i think it’s gonna be a blessing”.


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