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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Hotel Growth in Arkansas, Especially Jonesboro

Naz Kazi has been in the hotel business since 1993.

He is currently overseeing two projects in Jonesboro.

Kazi says there are two main reasons why he keeps choosing to build here, “City inspections office they do a fantastic job of getting out to the construction site and answering questions and accommodating to our needs. Second is CWL. City, water, and light provides a service that no other town has. Where you can go and it’s a one stop shop. I think that’s the biggest reason why Jonesboro’s done building wise so good cause you don’t have a lot of red tape to run around”.

According to hotel statistic site, Smith Travel Research, hotel construction in Arkansas went up 14 percent last year.

STR says Arkansas had 47 hotel projects and 4,634 rooms in the works during 2017.

10 of those projects were in Jonesboro.

Jonesboro mayor, Harold Perrin says there already is a demand for hotels during the work week.

Perrin says by opening up more hotels and a convention center it will give the city bigger opportunities, “We’re the hub and a lot of people come through here and it’s hard to get a hotel room Monday through Thursday but what we need is that Thursday to Sunday. So what we can do now is have these state conventions and associations come here so they can stay and have a place to stay”.

Perrin says they are preparing for the demands that will come with the travel increase, “I think once we get the convention center and other hotels here you are gonna see much more traffic in Jonesboro. And that’s what we gotta work on is the infrastructure. We gotta have roads and so that’s something we’re gonna be working on.”


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