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Delta National Purchase Awards and Sponsorships

JONESBORO – The Delta National Small Prints Exhibition (DNSPE) at Arkansas State University’s Bradbury Art Museum opened Thursday, with winning selections for purchase awards and sponsorships announced.

The Delta National Small Prints Exhibition is in its third decade with works in this year's exhibition ranging from traditional imagery and printmaking techniques, such as engraving and lithography, to monotypes and experimental print mediums.

The DNSPE is made possible by many generous individuals and organizations who provide the financial and practical assistance necessary to produce the exhibition and catalog. Several outstanding artists included in the show receive purchase prizes, which become part of the A-State Permanent Collection of Art.

Artists from across the country and around the world annually submit prints to be considered for inclusion.

Mary Weaver Chapin, curator of prints and drawings at Portland Art Museum, served this year as juror. She selected the 60 prints to be exhibited as well as the purchase awards and sponsorships. From the hundreds of entries, Chapin made her selections blindly, seeing only the title, medium and dimensions of each print, but not the artist's name or location.

Les Christensen, director of BAM said, “We would like to thank Dr. Chapin for choosing this outstanding collection of prints. She reviewed hundreds of pieces to make her selections and determine which artworks would receive awards. Her well-trained eye and deep appreciation for the medium are evidenced by the diverse and skillfully crafted prints she has chosen.”

This year 13 prints were selected for purchase awards and became part of the Permanent Collection at Bradbury Art Museum. A full-color catalog of the entire exhibition, which continues through Feb. 21, is available to visitors and the artists.

The purchase award-winning entries are (in alpha order by the artist’s last name):

  • Les Christensen Excellence in Art Purchase Award (underwritten by Julie Bates of Little Rock): “Stone Universe IV,” 2017, reduction woodcut, by Sally Bullock.

  • College of Liberal Arts and Communication Purchase Award (underwritten by Dr. Carl Cates of Jonesboro and Dr. Gina Hogue of Bay): “Noam Chomskys ‘Knowledge of Language,’ Pages 6 and 7,” 2017, citrosol transfer and pronto plates, by Savannah Bustillo.

  • President’s Purchase Award (underwritten by Mandy and Dr. Charles Welch of Little Rock): “Ghosts,” 2017, three-color linocut, by Warren Criswell.

  • Les Christensen Purchase Award (underwritten by Sharon and Evan Lindquist of Jonesboro): "Seussian Opinionator," 2017, relief print, by Keith Dull.

  • Lou Raptopoulos Purchase Award (underwritten by Claude M. Erwin Jr. of Dallas): “Box and Vein 2,” 2017, monoprint with chine collé and gold leaf, by John Hankiewicz.

  • Robin Kaloghirou Purchase Award (underwritten by Les Christensen and John Salvest of Jonesboro): “They Came with the Grasses,” 2017, photo intaglio and chine collé, by Carol Hayman.

  • Don A. Tilton Purchase Award (underwritten by Don A. Tilton of Little Rock): “Lodge XI (dark version),” 2016, etching, spitbite aquatint and chine collé, by Anita S. Hunt.

  • Lindquist Purchase Award (underwritten by Chucki and Curt Bradbury Jr. of Little Rock): “Wondrous Transformation,” 2016, intaglio, by Carrie Lingscheit.

  • Beth and Scot Snodgrass Purchase Award (underwritten by Beth and Dr. Scot Snodgrass of Jonesboro): “Patio Chairs – 2C,” 2015, three-color lithograph with screen print, by Rebecca McCannell.

  • Jason Penry Purchase Award (underwritten by Dr. Jason Penry of Jonesboro): “Grandpop,” 2015, monotype, by Jacob Muldowney.

  • Chucki Bradbury Art Purchase Award (underwritten by a Special Endowment in Honor of Chucki Bradbury): “Sphere Net,” 2012, etching and aquatint, by Bruce Pollock.

  • Chancellor’s Purchase Award (underwritten by Beth and Dr. Kelly Damphousse of Jonesboro): “Composition C3,” 2016, etching and wood lithograph, by Marilee Salvator.

  • The Cheryl Wall Trimarchi Purchase Award (in honor of Stephanie Trimarchi Giesecke and Felicia Trimarchi Hart): “Morning on Madison,” 2017, color viscosity linoleum print, by Valerie Storosh.

The six sponsorship awards this year are as follows:

  • Carlisle Sponsorship (underwritten by Pat Carlisle of Jonesboro), Juror’s Merit Award, “Blue Line 4,” 2017, unique waterbase monotype, by Frances Ashforth.

  • 2018 DNSPE Sponsorship (underwritten by Bradbury Art Museum), Juror’s Merit Award: "Rude Hosts," 2017, reduction relief, by Ramon Deanda.

  • Mary and Don Vollman Sponsorship (underwritten by Mary E. and Dr. Don B. Vollman of Jonesboro), Juror’s Merit Award: “Flower Moon,” 2017, aluminograph, by Raymond DeCicco.

  • Summer and Joe Vandigo Sponsorship (underwritten by Micah Brightwell and Jackie Vandigo of Jonesboro), Juror’s Merit Award: “With Great Expectation,” 2017, photogravure, two plate and a la poupée, by Mary Hood.

  • Jones Sponsorship, in memory of Flo and Phil Jones (underwritten by Charlott Jones, CPA, and Philip A. Jones of Jonesboro), Juror’s Merit Award: “We Weave Together . . . Circles of Love,” 2017, Japanese woodblock print, by Daryl Howard.

  • BAM Sponsorship (underwritten by Bradbury Art Museum), Juror’s Merit Award: “Flood,” 2017, drypoint, by Ellen Price.

BAM hours are noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; noon to 7 p.m. Thursday; 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday; and by appointment. The exhibition is admission free. For additional information one may contact the museum at (870) 972-2567.


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