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  • Lon Tegels, Northeast Arkansas News

Campus Bike Program Among Leaders

Arkansas state ranks in the top five in the country. and we're not talking sports but instead bike rentals. By most l accounts the project has taken off and moving forward. When it comes to bikes on campus.

The university has just completed its first semester its rental program call Lime Bike.

You see these lime green two wheeled pieces of transportation everywhere.

Lim Bike Operations Manager says the launch has gone well. He expects that once the international students return to campus, it will grow even more. He says there will be Lime Bikes everywhere.

The Lime Bike program was announced in October just after the start of the school year.

Already the A-State campus has climbed to the top nationwide when it comes to participation in the program

University Spokesperson Bill Smith says Arkansas State ranks up there in the top four with the schools Notre Dame, University of Washing, N C State Greensboro and other larges campus. He says ASU is in the top four. He thinks that speaks to that speaks to the demand. How much students want and use them.

Lime bike operations manager Hanson Travella says the Jonesboro campus is off to a fast start.

He says he is responsible for 500 bikes and so far they have lost one bike , that’s less than one percent.

If there is any downside to the bike rental program, it’s where the bikes are discarded when riders reach their destination.

Smith says , “at one of our educational outreaches this summer, we hope to get them to learn where to park the bikes.” He says that’s the only thing that they’ve seen as far as difficulty so far. We know there is learning curve. Once the student learn how to leave their bikes in a responsible place, it helps others that walk or have handicapped issues, we think we’ll be able to get that through.”

The recovery team uses a phone app to keep track of the bicycles. Travella says they go around and make sure the bikes are left in safe areas. They also put them in areas where people can easily see them.

Travella say so far, the strangest place a bike has been found is on top of an SUV. They think somebody was playing a joke on a friend

The sidewalks are clearly marked with sharrows. Those are bike paths that are a little wider and are designed to be shared with pedestrians.

To rent a bike you used your cell phone and a QVR tag. The cost to rent is 50 cents per half hour for students and $1.00 an hour for non-students.


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