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JPD's DUI Checkpoints Prove Effectiveness

Every year, Jonesboro Police officers conduct the "drive sober, or get pulled over" campaign. Police officers arrested more than 300 drunk or under the influence drivers. Helping to stop dozens of accidents and fatalities in the city.

Sergeant George Martin states that the checkpoints are not meant to punish DUIs, but prevent.

“If they know that we’re gonna be out there, maybe they’ll take that extra step and plan for somebody to come and pick them up.” states Sergeant Martin, “Use a cab, or use UBER, or have a designated driver. And that’s what we’re wanting to accomplish.”

There were over 3,200 motor vehicle accidents in Jonesboro in 2016. Roughly 130 of those accidents involved drivers that were under the influence. Impaired drivers also caused two of eleven fatal motor vehicle accidents in 2016.

Jonesboro police officers arrested almost 300 impaired drivers while performing the sobriety checkpoints last year. By continuing to boost their presence on local roads, they’re hoping the figures for this year will be much lower.

Tristan Adkins introduced UBER to Jonesboro, and says there’s no excuse for driving under the influence. The company now has 10 local drivers that provide lifts within city limits, for a mere eight to ten bucks.

“I’ve had way too many friends here already, in the past month that have gotten into a wreck, and it’s horrible,” says Adkins. On UBER, Adkins says “over two beer, I would definitely suggest it. Over one, I’d definitely suggest.”

Sergeant Martin suggests following the 2-beer rule to keep BAC levels under control for driving.


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