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Freezing Temperatures Cause Massive Pipe Breakages in Jonesboro

Below freezing temperatures are causing major pipe upheaval in Jonesboro. Plumbers have been busy tending to busted pipe repairs, costing homeowners thousands of dollars.

Amy Lucas of Williams Plumbing received three service calls in one day for busted pipes. The majority of damage is caused from leaving garden hoses attached to faucets.

“It ends up bursting hydrants, and copper lines in the walls,” Lucas says, “You don’t always notice it right off. After the lines start to thaw, when the weather starts to warm up, you end up turning the hydrant on. When the water starts to flow to the hydrant, you’re going to notice water starting to come out of the wall. You’re not going to be able to shut it off. It can run anywhere into the thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the damage.”

Below freezing temperatures can cause copper pipes to swell, and galvanized pipes to crumble. Chris West of Chris West Plumbing says the best way homeowners can protect their dwelling, is to be preventative.

“We highly recommend you put an insulated cover over your outside hydrants,” states West. “Any vulnerable areas where the wind can get in, into the foundation, or outside wall -- pipe insulation isn’t going to be 100%.”

Areas of the home that can be particularly vulnerable to freezing temperatures and busted pipes include the outside walls. Plumbers suggest that you close any crawl space vents, open the cabinet doors where the plumbing is on the outside wall. Also, keep your garage door closed during the freezing period.

In the case that the pipes are starting to freeze, get some heat on them. However keep exposure from space heaters, heat lamps and other flammable objects to a minimum.


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