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Demand for iPhone Batteries Increase Locally

Jonesboro mobile retailer New Wave Wireless began the week with 60 replacement batteries for the iPhone 6 and 6s. They’re now down to ten. The lithium ion batteries in iPhone 6 and older models, are not keeping up with the demand for power. Many of them shut off or straggle.

“Going over the numbers last night, and saw my lead technician here, had 42 repairs done yesterday,” says New Wave Wireless manager, Ricky Betts. “You’ll see at least a 50% increase in the speed, after that battery replacement.”

Apple confirmed that batteries are designed to slow down in older models. Your internet browser, and mobile apps also lag as power runs low. It can require servicing, and replacement, from mobile techs like Betts.

New Wave Wireless charges between $24.99 and $29.99 for battery replacement and labor. For those who’d rather not dish out the extra money, there are some tips to extend phone life.

Mobile techs suggest avoiding overcharging. As iPhones typically don’t require longer than 4-5 hours to reach full battery power. Additional advice includes closing out unused apps and tabs as power runs down, and downloading IOS software updates as often as they become available.


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