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Animal Control Officers Seek Adoption Increase For New Year

Jonesboro's Animal Control kennel is home to roughly 60 rescue dogs. The collection includes a mix of Labrador retrievers, hounds, pits and other breeds. Awaiting a permanent home for the new year.

Each dog has it's own story. But share common ground. A majority of them are strays found in alleys and dumpsters.

Owners are given a week to claim their dog from Jonesboro Animal Control before they go up for adoption.

Animal cops emphasize the message, "Don't Shop, Adopt", to increase rates. Some dogs have been in animal control care for two weeks, and others for as long as six months.

"One day we might adopt ten dogs, and we'll have a good turnout. And then, the next day, we may pick up, nine or ten. It varies," states Travis Crawford, with Jonesboro Animal Control.

"Every dog has been through something different here. And has had a hard time before we picked it up, or somebody surrendered it. They just have a better chance if someone comes here, and adopts from us."

All dogs in animal control care are eligible for same-day adoption. The fee is $100, and covers spay and neutering costs. Those interested are encouraged to contact Jonesboro Animal Control at (870) 935-3920.


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