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Pooches get workout at Hounds Hideaway

Did your dog get a few too many Christmas treats this weekend? A new doggie daycare and spa is helping pooches lose a few extra pounds. The owners of Hounds Hideaway actually posts pictures the doggie exercise sessions on the internet so the owners can feel a sense of comfort.

This is Lulu. It’s her first trip to Hounds Hideaway. “Lulu hasn’t always done so well when spending the night at other boarding kennels”

For Lulu, today’s visit might not be dog heaven, but it might be close. Lulu and 39 other dogs were in day care today. Hounds Hideaway is an entrepreneur business that has been in operation less than two months in Jonesboro. Its seemingly is finding its niche.

Operations Manager Hailey Knight says Jonesboro was the perfect location to expand operations. The first operation opened in Conroy and was an immediate hit. She says, "why not Jonesboro, its got a great economy".

After some initial research it was discovered that Jonesboro was a good fit. It had Arkansas State, the hospitals and Hytrol along with other big businesses. They are all companies where jobs require more than an 8-hour day.

Knight says the business has been opened since mid-October. Immediately customers were already seeing the impact the spa can have on their dog. She says, “immediately dogs were reportedly sleeping better and in one case lost 10 pounds”.

Hounds Hideaway not only offers doggie daycare, it offers overnight boarding and a spa and grooming options. For the ambitious there is a do it yourself bathing area with all the professional tools a groomer would use.

Chandler vestal had been working at Crispy Kreme. In October she made the jump to Hounds Hideway. She says her new job give her a chance to connect with the animals.

If there is any doubt on how the animals are being taken care of, you simply have to go to the lobby. At least seven cameras monitor the pooch activities.

Lulu’s parents say they monitor their dog’s activities by a Parent’s site on Facebook. Folden was looking forward to picking up Lulu after reading her report card.

Its apparent by today’s affection that Hounds Hideaway scored A+ with Lulu and the Folden family.

Day care rates begin at $17 dollars a day, Hounds Hideaway is located at 900 Congress Circle.


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