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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Bone "O" Park for Dogs

A bark friendly park, that is what these sixth-grade students are looking to make.

Iliana Manchilla has a vision of making a dog park a reality for the city of” bone-o.”

She says, “if you have a day off from work and you don’t want to just go out and play in your backyard you’re there like every day. It’s better to go to a dog park and see a dog exercising and you”

Sixth grade students at Westside Middle School pitched a number of dog park proposals to Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin.

Their projects included, park layouts, budgets, and reasons why the parks would be beneficial for the community.

Lanie Welch says “This would be a great opportunity for the dogs to meet new dogs and people to meet new people”

Mallie Felts told Northeast Arkansas News, “My dog would be crazy. This is my dog, she’s really crazy. She’d make a lot of friends I know.

Jonesboro has been looking at bringing a dog park to the city for a couple of years now. Today Mayor Harold Perrin came to Craighead Forest Park to look at a possible location. After hearing the presentations at Westside Middle School today he has a new team he is looking to get some input from”

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says, “I’m gonna get these children here, that we talked about the students today to help me do that too. I was totally amazed in the fact that what we’ve gone through studying for a dog park these students brought a lot of that out it was incredible”

One of the teachers leading the project, Lindsey Frisbee, says having the mayors hear the proposals motivated the students to work even harder.

“This just really meant a lot to our students. That something that they worked on, that had an academic background to it, it actually they’re gonna see the finish end of it”


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