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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Hope for Heston

Doctors were not able to get all of it out though. Heston still has a couple more tumors in his brain and the cancer has even spread to his spine.

Now people are looking to give Heston some hope.

Family friend, Tabitha Mullins. Mullins is opening up Fair Havens Farm Saturday for a special fundraiser for heston.

Tabitha Mullins says, “It doesn’t matter how sick he is he still has a smile on his face. So i just feel like we need to try to pull together and do something for this family. He is a good kid, he’s funny and always cutting up when he passes by me at work, me and him make faces at each other. So, I just wanna do something nice for them”

Doctors are saying Heston is looking at 6 to 8 months of high doses of radiation and chemotherapy.

Mullins is hoping to help the family cover these costs by opening her farm for a fundraising event.

People will be able to go to fair haven farm in Trumann and pet hundreds of animals.

Mullins says, “we can’t be there to hold their hand the whole time or we can’t be there to make sure that everything is okay constantly. But we can be there to make sure the money is taken care of”

Heston’s grandma is touched by the amount of support they have received.

Roseanne Hatcher says, “I’m so glad we got so many friends and family. People are praying for him that I don’t even know and I’m so thankful for every one of them”

Anyone who comes out Saturday night will get the chance to see and pet angoras and over 20 different animals. All proceeds will be going towards Heston and helping take care of all his medical expenses as he goes towards recovery.


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