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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Duck Classic shoots for record catch

She did not know she was going to be going home with a new best friend. With a donation of slightly more than 22-hundred dollars Allison Sinclair won a six-week-old black lab.

Sinclair told Northeast Arkansas News, “it is awesome! I’ll get something that we can get many years of enjoyment out of. Dennis and Cade do a great job, so we are happy to come out and support this great cause and help your community.”

This is the duck classic and it is N-E-A Baptist charitable foundation’s largest fundraiser.

Roughly 15-hundred people attended the event in their camo apparel hoping to win some raffle prizes, silent, and live auction items.

Along with prizes, people get shopping opportunities and a meal filled with barbeque goods.

Owner of Glen Sain Motors, Danny Ford, has helped sponsor the event by donating a truck for the grand raffle prize.

Large companies like Drake and smaller local companies help sponsor the event.

Ford says “I’ve got a saying that things don’t just happen you have to make them happen and there’s a lot of people that have made this happen and you’ve seen how it’s grown over the years and a lot of people have benefited out of this. I enjoy seeing the classic come around each year and how much more it’s growing.”

The money raised from the event helps go to six free programs that NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation hosts for the local communities.

Ford says, “it’s people in need so it doesn't matter to me as long as it stays in our communities here, i like that and it does. They do a really good job of determining what direction the money needs to go to. And like I said earlier there are so many people that are getting benefit out of this people who need it”

The programs touch on many community needs such as grief, fitness, helping with pharmaceutical prescriptions, children’s health and a variety of support groups.

Director of Marketing at NEA Baptist, Danial Reed told Northeast Arkansas News, “it helps people that are very much in need of the services that we can provide through the foundation. It’s a great cause and it’s a fun event even if you are not a hunter; i hear this all the time. The banquet is for everyone. There’s a lot of shopping opportunities and it’s just a fun social event and everyone can have fun here” This year was another record breaking year for the Duck Classic. Over the two-day event, the organization raised 593-thousand dollars for the NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation.


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