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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Dixie Café is no longer

The Dixie cafe in Jonesboro has shut their doors for good. People continued to drive by the cafe today, hoping to get one last meal. Unfortunately, with the high crowds at the Jonesboro location, the cafe did not have enough food to serve the people today.

Today Stacy Mross is cleaning up the cafe one last time. After working at the cafe for almost 14 years, Mross has a challenge she was not expecting: finding a new job.

“I’ve only had two jobs in my whole life and being here for almost 14 years having to start over, you know like I said without the notice, so close to Christmas. All the people here who work and have families the same way it’s just hard to take in we don’t have a job anymore.”

the company announced on Monday that they would be closing all 17 Dixie Cafe locations for good on Thursday. The Jonesboro location here in particular has had a spike in crowds coming to get one last meal, talk to their favorite server, and simply reminisce on all the memories they have made at this location.

Jason Everett is a huge fan of the Dixie Café. He says, “I love Dixie cafe. I hate the fact that they’re closing. My wife and I when we would date we would go to Dixie cafe and so a lot of memories and I’m going to miss their chicken fingers” The announcement came as a shock to many, especially the workers.

The Jonesboro location was ranked as the top third Dixie cafe location in the chain. Mross says she understood the company did what they thought was best, but she feels used.

Mross: says< “we have been so busy the last two days. We have worked so hard for the corporate office, to put some last money in their pockets, like almost a 10,000-dollar day yesterday. And to know that was our last day and we were just working so hard to please the guests who know there isn’t going to be anymore Dixie cafe”


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