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Shelby will be remembered

Back in August, Arkansas State University lost one of their students in a car accident. After months of hard work and fundraising they have found a way to honor her memory.

Here’s the story on how Shelby Rhodes will continue to live on at A-State for years to come. She just always had the most giving heart of like anybody I’ve known”

Shelby Rhodes was loved by many. Unfortunately, she left them all too soon. On august 10th Rhodes died in a car accident. Now she lives on through memories. Robert Morris had been friends with Shelby Rhodes ever since their freshman year at Arkansas State University.

Morris likes to look back on their impromptu trip to Saint Louis.

Morris says, “we ended up traveling throughout the night to see Taylor Swift, a very expensive trip, my bank account definitely hurt after that but it was probably my favorite memory with her and I cherish it now more than ever.”

Rhodes was an honor student at ASU and set to be the president of the honors college association this school year. Rhodes was very involved on A-state’s campus.

Her family, friends, and colleagues thought it was fitting to try to create a scholarship in her memory. After months of fundraising, they have finally reached their goal of 25-thousand dollars to establish the “Remembering Shelby” scholarship.

Chancellor Kelly Damphousse says, “Shelby was so loved on our campus that faculty, staff, and students, alumni, her friends, and family all came together. And it means so much that so quickly we have not only an endowment but enough money to start giving gifts, next fall.”

Now that the Remembering Shelby scholarship has been endowed. Shelby Rhodes’ legacy will continue to live on here at Arkansas State University for as long as the university is around. The scholarship will be given out every year to an honor student who shares similar qualities to Shelby”

Director of honors college, Rebecca Oliver says, “there are countless students like Shelby Rhodes but there is no one exactly like her. And this scholarship will endeavor to give other students that were maybe like her that had theses hopes and passions of dreams of what they could accomplish in their life. This scholarship will help afford them the opportunity to actually achieve some of those things” ASU will give Rhodes a posthumous degree in May next year.

If you would like to donate and help the Shelby Rhodes scholarship grow, Arkansas State University is continuing to take donations.


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