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  • Lon Tegels, Northeast Arkansas News

Southridge wants their stolen flag back

It’s the crime that leaves most people’s head shaking. Earlier this week, thieves stole the Southridge Volunteer Fire Department's American flag. Surveillance video shows what appears to be two men in a Trail Blazer.

One man is wearing what appears to be a hoodie. He pulls out a pocket knife , cuts the cable and steals old glory from the pole. He then drags it back to the car.

Firefighter Zach Chester says, “Everybody I talk to asks, what do you think makes somebody want to take your flag, I have no idea. It’s a 25-dollar flag, it doesn't make any sense. But it means more than a 25-dollar flag."

Chris Nugent is also a volunteer firefighter, He is also upset about the stolen flag. “Just to see somebody pull in here and blatantly disrespect us and the flag, it just saddens us to see somebody do that."

If you have information you can call 870-761-9124 or 870-819-6947


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