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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Paragould man makes plea for donor

There are over 80,000 people waiting for a kidney transplant, a Paragould man is one of those people.

This is Brandon Holland. If he does not get a kidney transplant he will die.

“If I can get a live donor that’s best but I mean I’ll take anything I can get. I just don’t want to die, I’m tired of being sick,

He is searching for the gift of life through a kidney donation.

He was born with Alport syndrome, a genetic kidney disease that progressively leads to kidney failure.

Holland is 32-years-old and has been on dialysis the last seven years.He says as he got older the holes in his kidneys got larger and so they don’t filter out potassium and phosphorus so he has to go do hemodialysis three times a week for four hours each time”

Due to the struggles that come with dialysis, Holland is no longer able to work.

When he is not at dialysis his days consist of spending time at home with his dog max and taking lots of medication.Living by himself causes some concerns.Just a couple weeks ago, Holland had a heart attack when he was home alone.

He says ,“I was stuck in this chair, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t lift my hands and my grandmother came over and if she wouldn’t have came over, I wouldn’t be alive today because the doors were locked the emergency service had to break in the door and I couldn’t help myself. You know i was here by myself and yeah it’s pretty scary sometimes”

According to the living kidney donors network 80-thousand people are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.Holland is on call 24/7 to see if he will be called for a kidney transplant.

He is currently on a waiting list in little rock and hoping to get on another waiting list in Memphis.

Kidney donations are often from family members, but strangers are able to donate.

So far, he has had no luck in his search for a donor…

All that needs to be done is an assessment to check the potential donor’s blood type, tissue, and health.

Holland is continuing to wait for his donor to come.

Holland says, “I’m just holding out as long as I can”

If you would like to help and see if you are a kidney match for Holland you can reach him at 870-573-7418.


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