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On November 24th, 2017, at approximately 2:45pm, Jonesboro police officers responded to 115 N. Drake St. in reference to a call of an attempted suicide. Upon their arrival, officers located Darrel Jackson, 29 years old of Indianapolis, IN, deceased in a vehicle. A detective was called to the scene and, based on all of the evidence at the scene, it was determined that Jackson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. During the investigation, it was further determined that Jackson was a suspect in a double homicide that occurred in Indianapolis. Jonesboro officers are cooperating with Indianapolis detectives with their investigation. Any questions regarding the homicide investigation should be directed to the Indianapolis Police Department.


Narrative from Jonesboro Police Report:

Narrative - Wilson, Tyler - 11/24/2017 (Initial) On 11/24/17 at approx. 1440 hours I was dispatched to (Incident Location) in reference to attempted suicide. Upon my arrival I was flagged down by several people pointing towards the back yard of (Incident Location). On my approach to the back yard, I observed the listed vehicle sitting in the back yard, with a black male sitting in the driver seat. The driver side window to the front driver door was knocked out and a firearm was resting on the roof of the vehicle. Officer Duncan checked the vital signs from the subject, where she advised that he did not have a pulse. I proceeded to clear the firearm that was on the roof and secured it into my patrol car. After securing the firearm I made contact with the father of the victims, Witness #1. Witness #1 stated that he received a text message from his son, Victim #1 (Jackson, Darrel) stating that he could not take it no longer. He came over to the (Incident Location) to prevent his son from committing suicide but was to late. He advised that he came to (Incident Location) and noticed the listed vehicle in the backyard. He was not sure who the vehicle belonged to so he drove to front of the residence. While in front of the residence, his son Witness #2 and himself was hearing a car motor revved up. They walked to the back yard where they found Victim #1 (Jackson, Darrel) in the driver seat with a self inflicted gun shot wound. They advised that he was still breathing so Witness #2 kicked out the driver side window. They grabbed the gun and placed it on the roof. They did not state what they did after placing the gun on the roof. While Witness #2 was walking around I noticed he was bleeding from his right leg. He advised that he injured himself while kicking out the vehicle's window. Det. Bill Brown arrived to scene and was turned over to him. While looking at the vehicle we noticed a 9mm projectile in the roof of the vehicle on the driver side towards the back seat. We gathered the projectile where it was secured by me. Due to the vehicle owner not living in Arkansas, the vehicle was towed by Fowlers Towing. The firearm, 9mm projectile, 9mm ammo, wallet, and keys were logged into evidence by me.


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