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Cyber Monday Sales Break U.S. Commerce Records

Today's Cyber Monday sales are the highest ever in U.S. e-commerce history. Over eight hundred and forty million has been spent in the U.S. alone.

2017 was also a record-high year for retail store closures, as cyber sales from mobile devices accounted for thirty one percent of today's cyber sales thus far.

Dr. Shane Hunt of Arkansas State University’s Department of Marketing says brick and mortar shopping is losing out to cyber shopping. Not only because of it’s convenience. But, also due to its social appeal.

"I think there was a time in my generation…and in my parent’s generation when people went shopping as something to do. As you would go to a social event. Or a sporting activity," says Dr. Shane Hunt, "A lot of the market research shows that young people…college aged students. The next generation of consumers…just don’t look at it that way. They look at it as a transactional based situation, where a lot of times they’re looking to buy something. And then just move on.”

It appears more shoppers are shifting from web and mobile browsing to buying, with a click of a button.


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