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  • Lon Tegels, Northeast Arkansas News

Soil Testing Begins at Old Paragould Power Plant

You could hear the clanging of the soil testing machinery Monday behind the old Paragould Light and Power plant.

Engineers from PMI of Little Rock began the process today of taking soil samples.

Principal engineer Doug Ford said, " those are sample collecting tubes to collect undisturbed soil samples. We are collecting them for the lab for analysis"

Ford says they didn’t have expectations. He said, we take samples looking for hydrocarbons.

What engineers find is anyone's guess since both coal and oil were once used on the site to generate electricity.

What the sample testing really does, is send a reminder to Paragould Mainstreet executives, time is ticking to find an investor.

Executive Director of Main Street, Paragould said, “Because we do have an unsightly, unsafe, drain of value to property, Paragould Light and Power made arrangement to re-purchase the property back with the intention of tearing down the property.

Jarrett says she agrees that if an investor can't be found, the building needs to be demolished. They asked for 30 to 60 days’ time. P.L W.C gave them six months.

She acknowledges the eyesore hurts other development taking place in downtown Paragould.

She still holds out hope that a financial angel can be found.'

Jarrett said, "we hope something wonderful happens not just downtown... ..maybe regionally will be a resident downtown,,,

Jarret says PLWC has already began removing debris from the property.

Say says there are lots of questions being asked. We had a couple of people who thought it would be wonderful for special events..I have a realtor who would like to put in a restaurant.

Engineers told Northeast Arkansas News they will be taking soil samples from 5 or 6 locations from around the building, from there they will file their report. Those results could take another 30 days.

If you're an investor and would like explore Federal and State historic renovation tax credits, a free seminar will be held on Monday August 28.

The seminar is not tied directly to the Paragould Light Water and Cable renovation, but the money can be used for *any large historic restoration project.


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