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About Us

Until now the Jonesboro broadcast TV market has been under-served with only one local broadcast network affiliate. Since our decision to bring CBS and FOX affiliates to Jonesboro, a local NBC affiliate has also been launched, so now all of the Big Four Television Affiliates are represented locally. This is an historical occasion for the entire Jonesboro community and surrounding areas and will be remembered as the "The day Jonesboro became independent from other TV markets," and no longer reliant on Memphis, Little Rock, Paducah or Cape Girardeau for TV entertainment, news, sports, and information.  More importantly, it allows Jonesboro to become its own economic “Hub City” to the area.  Jonesboro consumers will now receive Jonesboro commercials, public service announcements, and information that pertains to their own community and not one that is 70 miles away that is drawing Jonesboro consumers away to shop for cars, banks, hospitals, clothing, jewelry and services and entertainment, etc.


Our constant admonition will be to “Pay it Forward,” already having established a scholarship at Arkansas State University and fostering additional partnerships to provide and serve our community in a variety of ways.


Our offices are located in the heart of Jonesboro at 2400 Highland. In addition, we have two towers and two transmitters to duplicate coverage into both the Walnut Ridge area and the Jonesboro area on channels 39 and 42.


We are the sports and entertainment leaders with FOX and CBS, NFL and the 2017 Super Bowls, MLB and the World Series, Golf and The Masters, NCAA March Madness, NASCAR and the Daytona 500, and professional soccer -- as well as many primetime favorites.



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